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13 Mar 2013, 10:00 - 12:00 [Event Closed]
"Japan Open Data Award"

The Utilization and Promotion Committee has been evaluating open data initiatives collected by the Committee Office to select ones worth an award under its arbitrary awarding program "Japan Open Data Award". Now, here are the awardees, including "Data City Sabae" as Highest Award.


1Review Results

1st Prize /Google Award: Data City Sabae

2nd Prize / IBM Japan Award: 2013 International Open Data Day

Excellence Award: Cross-library book search service "Calil"

Excellence Award: A translation of "Where Does My Money Go?" into Japanese and production of its Yokohama version

Excellence Award: A series of initiatives of Japan Meteorological Agency

Excellence Award: Aomori Image Content Promotion

Excellence Award: LOD Challenge

Excellence Award: A data catalog site using CKAN

Microsoft Japan Award: Activities of the Yokohama Open Data Solutions Development Committee  

International University of Japan GLOCOM Award: Great East Japan Earthquake Archive and two other initiatives

Softbank Telecom Award: Electrical Japan

ZENCHIREN Award: Initiatives by Nagareyama City and Nagareyama Municipal Assembly  

Open Knowledge Foundation Japan Award: Denno Miyashiro


2Awarding Ceremony

Awardees are invited to the awarding ceremony scheduled as part of the 4th Utilization and Promotion Committee meeting at Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. from 10:00 to 12:00 on March 13, 2013.

※Other people than Consortium members and the media are not permitted to attend the ceremony due to the reasons ascribed to the venue. Instead, the ceremony will be broadcast on the Internet.

[Relay URL]オープンデータ流通推進コンソーシアム


*About Awardees

Awardees are requested to refer to the following:

Awarded workOutline
Data City Sabae

A variety of data published in XML as Data City Sabae and other formats
-Information on the name and location of evaluation facilities
-Information on the name and location of fire plugs
-Information on services of municipal community bus "Tsutsuji Bus"
-Information on animals at Nishiyama Zoo
-Photographs and explanations of Sabae Municipal Cultural Assets
-Direct-sales depots in the city
-Information on Sabae Municipal Assembly members, etc.

2013 International Open Data Day 

Open data events were held on February 23, 2013 in cities across the world, including such Japanese cities as Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Nagoya/Tokai, Sabae, Aomori, and Aizu-wakamatsu.

Cross-library Search Service "Calil"

Book search enabled on more than 6,000 libraries nationwide in the cross-retrieval program.
API is also provided to permit development of a variety of applications.

A translation of "Where Does My Money Go?" into Japanese and production of its Yokohama version A booklet titled "Where Does My Money Go?" produced by Britain's Open Knowledge Foundation was translated into Japanese and further re-edited into a material for use by taxpayers in Yokohama. This material allows salaried workers to see the total amount of municipal tax paid to Yokohama and the daily amount paid by each worker, in addition to how municipal tax is allocated into 10 fields, by entering their annual income and specifying whether they have a family or not.
A series of initiatives of Japan Meteorological Agency Meteorological statistics are published on the website. Since December 2012, disaster information has been distributed in short messages on a trial basis in the XML format. Meteorological data Ideathon /Hackathon events were held in November and December 2012 in cooperation with the Consortium and other organizations.
Aomori Image Content Promotion

For promotion of tourism, image materials are produced by prefectural government officers to be used and disclosed on YouTube and other sites.
A unique use rule was established to permit secondary use in a wider manner.

LOD Challenge

The second event following the one in 2011. A total of 205 works were collected for four sectors--the dataset sector, the idea sector, the application sector, and the visualization sector. An awarding ceremony is scheduled for March 7.

A data catalog site using CKAN A site collecting domestic data catalogs by using data portal software CKAN (http: // Currently managed by a voluntary community. As of January 31, 2013, a total of 125 datasets are posted, largely including data from local government engaged in open government activities.
Activities of the Yokohama Open Data Solutions Development Committee Established with the aim of globally distributing from Yokohama images of a new city developing through utilization of open data. The committee's aggressive activities include the organization of Ideathon and Hackathon events and the distribution of open-data information.
Great East Japan Earthquake Archive and two other initiatives Multifactor digital archives visualizing the damage caused in the earthquake to communicate the facts about it. Disaster-related photographs, panoramic images, accounts of disaster victims, televised images, and geotagged twitter data were unified and overlapped on Google Earth's 3D terrains for broad viewing. The furnished time slider function enables viewing of post-disaster materials in a time series. Some data can be viewed by using an iPhone AR view applications.
Electrical Japan A site collecting and visualizing electricity data for understanding of the power situation of Japan during and after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The specifically developed database contains information on the capacity and location of about 3,300 power generation plants across the country, as well as archives of data from real-time supplies of electricity. Power demand data are visualized based on night illumination data from satellites to show power consumption of Japan. They can be compared in relation to the location of power generation facilities. Meteorological data related to electricity demand (AMEDAS temperature and sunshine hours) can also be used in combination with electricity data. In addition, statistical data released from Agency for Natural Resources and Energy and the Ministry of Finance are analyzed and visualized in graphs. Using the methodology of data journalism, which develops stories based on data, the electricity situation in Japan was shown in the animated history of power generation. An attempt was made to define the meaning of electricity power interchanges.
Initiatives by Nagareyama City and Nagareyama Municipal Assembly

Open-data effort of the city and the municipal assembly using their respective websites.
The municipal assembly publishes basic information on its members and the results of regular deliberations in the csv format on its website.

Denno Miyashiro A wide diversity of data have been provided on its homepage long before open data activities started to gather momentum.

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