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5 Nov, 2012 (Site Opened) [In Session]
Meteorological Data Ideathon (Online Event)

A Meteorological Data Hackathon event was held on December 1 and ended a great success. We appreciate the participation of our stakeholders and other visitors on this occasion.

Based on the results of the event, we are carrying out relevant discussions at our Meteorological Data Ideathon site on Facebook. If you are interested, we welcome your participation in our Meteorological Data Ideathon discussion.


Outline :

Ideas will be collected in cooperation with Japan Meteorological Agency concerning new services that can be created through integration of currently available meteorological open data and other data. Open Data Promotion Consortium aims to widely communicate to the public the significance and potential of open data by developing and demonstrating trial models.

Notice of a Meteorological Data Hackathon event

Open Data Promotion Consortium hereby announces the opening of a Meteorological Data Ideathon event and a Meteorological Data Hackathon event, in cooperation with Japan Meteorological Agency. At the Ideathon event, we will discuss ideas of new services and conveniences realized by combining open meteorological data and other data, and at the Hackathon event, we will focus on the development of applications that integrate ideas collected and discussed at the Ideathon event.

Open Data Promotion Consortium has been conducting activities for the promotion of open data and the construction of an open data distribution system. As meteorological data are very familiar to the public, we will start with these data in discussion on open data.

Ideathon :
The Ideathon event is held in advance of the Hackathon event to present various ideas for discussion. We expect to have innovative and practical ideas from various fields, which should be discussed in a stimulating manner to identify multifaceted possibilities.

Hackathon :
The Hackathon event aims to develop applications intensively on a short-term basis. Many varying views and comments collected at the Ideathon event are the basis of development of such applications.

Anyone interested in the use of meteorological data or other open data may participate in the Ideathon event. Discussions will be carried online for a specified period of time. We welcome as many ideas as possible.

The Hackathon meeting is held intensively in a half-day event. In general, we accept those who have basic knowledge of program development.

The following is the event schedule:

Event Period: November 5, 2012 to right before the Hackathon event on December 1, 2012
Event Site:

Exclusive group on Facebook:Meteorological Data Ideathon Group

Entry Qualification: No special qualification required (Anyone interested may participate)
Participation Fee: Free
Participation Procedure:  Prospective participants are requested to visit Facebook and, on the Group page for "Meteorological Data Ideathon," take a participation procedure.
Once admitted, you are free to present views or exchange opinions.
Remark: Reference material: Example of Meteorological Data

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